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After spending a lot of money for buying a camera and camera equipment, it becomes a necessity to buy a good quality camera bag. There are a lot of different types of camera bags and they are unique in their own purpose. All the camera bags gives an organized solution to carry camera and camera equipment, also it gives a great protection to them. Not all the camera bags are for everyone, few camera bags are suitable for travelers, few are suitable for professionals, few are for general purpose and so on. There’s no camera bag which is best for everyone. So, we will discuss on different types of camera bags and what it is suitable for.

Top 20 Best Camera Bags: Read Before You Buy

1. ProTactic 350 AW Camera Backpack From Lowepro

This is a High-performance, urban-inspired, professional camera backpack. It is suitable for professional photographers. This camera bag can carry up to 2 DSLR cameras and it has limitless setup options. This is also a good camera bag for travel because it has quite a number of pockets including laptop pocket. It has a safeguard for all weather condition which is necessary to protect those valuable gears inside it. It has extra waist belt for extra support and two zippered hip pockets offer space for quick-grab items.


  • Fits 1-2 Pro DSLRs, one with up to 24-70mm f/2.8 lens attached to the camera and 6 lenses/speed lights
  • Separate space for 13″ laptop, tripod and accessories
  • Quick-grab from both side
  • Robust setup system to organize the gears
  • Support at shoulder blades, lumbar and waist for comfort on the move
Lots of room inside and able to carry two DSLRsThe bag is quite large and padding takes up a lot of space
Laptop pocket and few pockets at inside-outside
Limitless Set-Ups to organize all the gears
Includes a water bottle pouch, an accessory bag, a tripod pouch and 2 straps
2. Evecase DSLR Camera Bag for Travel

The Evecase Backpack supports 14″ laptop and has a lot of features to adjust interior of the bag. This bag can hold one camera body, 2-5 lenses, up to a 14-inch laptop, tripod, and plenty of other photography accessories. This camera bag includes a rain cover to protect from rain, splashes and perfect for all types of weather conditions. It has also a lot of separate compartments outside to carry small items which can be grabbed easily and fast. This is the most suitable camera bag for travel.

Evecase DSLR Camera Bag for TravelFeature:

  • Easy Camera Access: There’s a discreet zipper at the front of the bag that opens the camera storage which allows grabbing the camera fast.
  • Extended Top Storage: The top of the bag provides space for other items and accessories like flash lights.
  • It has plenty of pockets, pouches, and spaces for jackets, books, tripod and other items.
Supports up to 14″ laptopLittle more room for camera gears would be great
Multiple accessory pockets
Zipper laptop compartment with quick access from side or from inside
Fashionable design with comfortable padded shoulder strap for the best travel option.
3. Peak Design Regular Use Camera Bag

This is a camera bag which is great in accessibility, expandability, and organization. This bag was designed keeping in mind that it will be used regularly, that’s why it is sturdy and long lasting. It has the patented MagLatch which provided fast top access and dual side-loading. The side zips of this bag are weatherproof. The integrated luggage carry makes this bag suitable for daily commutes and extended travel. It can support up to 15″ laptop and the dividers of the bag are highly configurable.

Peak Design Regular Use Camera BagFeature:

  • Reimagined Organization: This bag has a completely new and unique divider system that keeps everything organized, protected and accessible.
  • For All Purpose: The backpack is designed for everyday uses, it not only meets the requirements of photographers, but also travelers, commuters, and adventurers.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility of this bag is top notch. It has dual side access and a lot of pockets
  • It has adjustable shoulder straps and they are very much comfortable even used for a long time
Supports up to 16″ laptopThere should be more room for smaller items and tight spaces to hold them.
Can store 2 DSLRs and 3-6 lenses
Unique Maglatch system which allows easy access
A lot of exterior and sub divided interior pockets
4. VINTA S-Series Travel & Camera Bag

This camera bag can hold a full-frame DSLR with 3-5 lenses. It has a dedicated 15″ laptop slot. This bag is designed for travelers. It has a separate storage to store all the charger cords and loose items. There’s an exterior pocket which has sperate slots to hold slim items like a sim, memory card, pen drive, smartphones etc.It has also dual side slip pockets which can be used for keeping small water bottles or other smaller items. This bag is weatherproof, has magnetic snaps and the leather top-handle offers a touch of class.

VINTA S-Series Travel & Camera BagFeature:

  • Easy Pack & Go: This bag is designed in a way that packing the gears and other necessary items are a lot easy and also customizable.
  • Elegant Design: This camera bag is beautifully designed and looks appealing to the eyes. The design is minimal, yet elegant.
  • Lightweight: It is very lightweight and very comfortable while traveling with it.
  • The bag is weatherproof and the leather details of the bag is also of high quality
Stylish, compact and lightweightThe price of the bag is little bit high
Can hold full-frame DSLR with 3-5 lenses in this compact sizeMore space for gears would be ideal
Magnetic snaps and padded interior dividers
5. Alpha Pro Camera Bag

This professional camera bag is handcrafted with waterproof canvas and leather. It has room for one SLR and 3-4 lenses. This bag has a separate slim compartment for a 15″ laptop. Four accessory pockets are there for other smaller items. The sweat wicking back and shoulder are padded and they are very comfortable. The top compartment of the bag is spacious and can hold at least a days worth of clothing. All the dividers are removable and adjustable to the specific needs of camera gears.

Alpha Pro Camera BagFeature:

  • Padded Dividers: The dividers of this camera bag is strong and can protect the camera equipment from medium shocks. Also, all the dividers are removable and adjustable.
  • Tripod Strap: It has straps below to hold the tripod and carry easily.
  • Comfortable Straps: The straps of the backpack is wide and soft, which is ideal for a day long use without discomfort.
  • Four accessory pockets allow keeping small and quick grab items handy.
Waterproof canvas and leather, also beautiful designLarge DSLR cameras do not fit in this bag
Room for a 15″ laptop
Very comfortable shoulder straps
6. Burton F-stop BackPack

The Burton F-stop camera bag is best for professional photographers. This bag is like a portable studio. It has a lot of padded pockets, stashes, and attachments for the photo gears. This bag is made of 100% Polyester. It is very large in size and provides a lot of interior space. It has vertically adjustable shoulder straps. The dividers of this bag are customizable and there’s separate storage for Film, Cords, or Batteries. It has side access cooler packet and beverage stash.

Burton F-stop BackPackFeature:

  • Ergonomic Shoulder Harness: The shoulder harness of this bag is ergonomic in design and they are vertically adjustable.
  • It has vertical Board/Tripod carry stash
  • This bag has waist harness for load balancing
  • It comes with dual side panel light stem storage and shovel pocket
100% PolyesterNo separate storage for keeping laptop
Ergonomic Shoulder Harness and Load-Balance Waist Harness
Vertical Board / Tripod Carry
Dual Side Panel Light Stem Storage and Shovel Pocket
7. G-raphy Camera Bag

i-graphy camera bag is so spacious that it has room for all the photography equipment. The main compartment has adjustable cells that it can accommodate any kinds of items. The upper compartment is for various objects like clothes, cables, batteries, cords etc. It is very suitable for photography lovers to use for short trips or daily travel. The bag is made of high-density canvas fabric with professional stitching technic.

G-raphy Camera BagFeature:

  • The top compartment is spacious and can carry clothes, daily necessities, and books.
  • Separate inner layer for carrying laptop
  • Fully convertible from everyday use School Backpack to DSRL carrying bag
  • External dimension: 17 x 11.8 x 6.69 inch
Only by unzipping middle compartment in can convert it from normal backpack to Camera travel bagThe exterior pockets are tiny and rough
Separate storage for laptop
Can store up to 2 DSLRs and 2-5 lenses
Customizable divider set
8. Chrome Niko Backpack (Black)

This Chrome Camera bag is made in the USA. It is made of Nylon and it is weather resistant. This bag has a slim compartment for 15in laptops. The large zip around the bag reveals the spacious interior and provides quick access. It has a fully customizable main compartment for lenses, flash and other equipment. stitching technic.

Chrome Niko Backpack BlackFeature:

  • This bag is narrow in design and has a big revealing zipper.
  • Fully customizable dividers allow different arrangments for equipment.
  • It has adjustable sternum strap for load distribution.
Made of NylonNot comfortable for carrying a long time
Extra space for 15″ laptops
Waterproof zippers and designed for all weathers
Easy access camera compartment at top
9. Chrome Niko Unisex Backpack (Camo)

The made in USA Chrome backpack is beautiful in design and long lasting. This bag is great in all weather conditions and gives great protection to the camera equipment. It can hold lenses, flash, and other equipment nicely. The compartment is fully customizable and great for different conditions.

Chrome Niko Backpack CamoFeature:

  • It has a big revealing zipper at the top and that’s the camera compartment
  • Padded sleeve fits most of the 15″ laptops
  • It has a beautiful Camo pattern design
Extra storage can fit in 15″ laptopsNot comfortable for carrying a long time
Waterproof zippers and designed for all weathers
Easy access camera compartment at top
Made of Nylon
10. Incase Nylon DSLR Bag

The DSLR Pro bag has a large capacity which provides premium protection. It has great organizing ability. This bag can hold a DSLR with attached lens, and up to four additional lenses and several flashes. There are two interior zipper pockets for smaller items. It has adjustable dividers to hold various lens sizes, flash accessories and also other personal items. And there’s separate compartment which can be used to store laptops or other accessories.

Incase Nylon DSLR BagFeature:

  • Designed primarily for carrying camera and camera equipment
  • Have quick access feature to grab camera and it’s accessories
  • Provides great protection to the gears
Zippered back panel for complete main compartment accessOnly the small dividers are removable
Large spacious compartment
Made of Nylon
11. Kelly Moore Pilot Backpack

This Kelly Moore camera bag is suitable for both men and women. It is unisex in design and looks stunning. It has large button pocket which can hold things like a credit card, or IDs. The large leather flap with magnetic snaps looks beautiful and unique. It has storage for 15″ laptop. The main compartment has removable padded dividers. The backpack straps are padded and they are adjustable. It can hold one DSLR camera with up to 10″ lens and several other lenses. The DSLR Pro bag has a large capacity which provides premium protection. It has great organizing ability. This bag can hold a DSLR with attached lens, and up to four additional lenses and several flashes. It also has two interior zipper pockets. The adjustable dividers are great for holding various lens sizes, flash accessories and also other personal items. It has a separate compartment which can be used to store laptops or other accessories.

Kelly Moore Pilot BackpackFeature:

  • Large leather flap give a unique look
  • Antique Brass hardware makes it durable and ergonomic
Can hold a DSLR with long lens attachedThe closing clasp is not strong enough to hold securely
Beautiful look and feel
Includes removable basket
Comfortable while carrying for a long time
12. Transit BP 350 AW Camera Bag

This Lowepro bag provides ultimate flexibility and fast access. It has an innovative UltraFlex fit system which provides several ways to organize and gives protection to the gears. The main compartment supports long lenses and it is highly configurable. It has fast access side opening feature which allows the user to quickly grab the camera. The rotated zipper is from back to front which gives a very wide opening. This camera bag has patented built-in weather AW covert which protects great from all weather conditions. It also has tripod mount to secure a compact tripod on the side.

Transit BP 350 AW Camera BagFeature:

  • Spacious Compartment: Fits a Pro DSLR with attached lens (up to 70-200mm for side access, or 300mm when stored vertically), 1 to 2 extra lenses, flash and accessories, compact tripod and a 15″ laptop
  • Innovative UltraFlex fit system offers versatility in organizing gears
  • Lens cradle supports a long lens when placed vertically in the main compartment
Separate space for 15″ laptopLess movement of air lets back becomes sweaty
Can hold long DSLR lens
Fast-access side opening allows flexibility and smooth experience
Very good organizing ability
13. National Geographic Medium Backpack

The National Geographic camera bags are ergonomic in design. It provides lots of flexibility and also protection to all the gears. This bag is perfect for carrying both personal belongings and camera equipment. It also has enough space for 15″ laptop, so it makes it best travel camera bag. Additionally, it has a hidden pocket that divides the bag into two compartments. The canvas of this bag is durable, genuine leather and breathable cotton. This bag is durable and can last a very long time. The two-way zippers at the top and bottom give fast access and flexibility. It also has a number of sleeves and pockets for storing other items. It has external feature for holding a tripod.

National Geographic Medium BackpackFeature:

  • This is a lifestyle camera bag for everyday use
  • Gives great protection to all the gears and accessories
  • Side pockets allow storing extra items
Zippers at top and bottom provide fast accessThe top compartment is not large enough
Adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps
Padded and breathable fabric ensures comfortable carrying
Carrying options include rear trolley strap to slide over handle
14. Manfrotto Medium Backpack

The Manfrotto backpack is versatile, durable and weatherproof. This bag can perfectly carry DSLRs and CSCs and laptop. This bag offers a top opening for quick access, and a sturdy, padded main compartment ensures the safety of the gears. It has removable dividers, so it is very easy to organize the full kit. There’s a dedicated compartment for 15″ laptop which can be accessed independently from the top.

Manfrotto Medium BackpackFeature:

  • This is a lifestyle camera bag for everyday use
  • Gives great protection to all the gears and accessories
  • Side pockets allow storing extra items
Removable protective camera insertSketchy tripod attachment system
Perfect for DSLR or CSC camera with attached zoom lens
Padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort
15. Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack

This Pacsafe bag is great for avid adventurer and photographer who is looking for a reliable, versatile and comfy travel experience. This bag has anti-theft features. It is designed for an easy, accessible and safe travel. This can fit most DSLR cameras with an attached lens plus two extra lenses. Its main compartment is padded and offers drawstring cover for further protection. Pacsafe offers a variety of anti-theft technologies and gives a piece of mind to the user. This camera bag is of high quality and Pacsafe is one of the most experienced manufacturers.

Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Anti-Theft Camera BackpackFeature:

  • Organization and Easy Access: The main compartment opens up completely and gives a full view which great for accessing necessary gears.
  • It can fit a 15″ laptop and built-in rain cover helps to keep everything safe.
  • The anti-theft technology prevents any gear from being stolen away and keeps everything safe.
Comfortable, durable, lightweightLittle bulky in size and also pricey
Hidden eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh into the fabric protect against slash-and-run theft.
RFID safe blocking material secures digital IDs, credit cards, and hacking
Storage for 15″ laptop
16. Thule Covert DSLR Backpack

This is a versatile rolltop backpack which is designed for urban explorer’s photo equipment and personal gear. The padding of the main compartment is of dual density and they give extra protection to the gears. The divider system is customizable and can store from small to large equipment easily. It can easily fit a DSLR body with ultra-wide-angle lens attached. It can also hold 2 more lens, flash and drone accessories. This bag has a separate compartment for 15″ laptop. The zip-out divider separate top and bottom compartments and the roll top compartment are very spacious for personal items. The Ergonomic chassis system provides the perfect balance of support and cushioning.

Thule Covert DSLR BackpackFeature:

  • SafeZone removable camera pod system, also with dual-density pad at the bottom
  • Fits all sizes equipment and provides great protection
  • Customizable storage for specific needs
Origami-inspired divider system folds around the smallest to largest pieces of gearToo many double clips makes the access little difficult
Fits perfectly a DSLR with attached large lensLittle large in size and heavy
Fits 15″ laptop and a tablet, also provides great protection
Customizable storage
17. HEX DSLR Backpack

This is DSLR Backpack is constructed in premium, water resistant and coated canvas. The top zipper of the bag provides quick and easy access to all the camera equipment and the user does not have to open the main compartment. There is separate storage for 17″ laptop and the padding provides great protection. The back panel of the bag and the shoulder straps are padded in EVA foam and finished in air-mesh for breathability and comfort. On the side, there is separate compartment to keep a tripod stand. In the main compartment, there are 5 general storage side compartments, which is suitable for placing gear, cables, lens caps etc. Also, the look and feel of this bag is amazing.

HEX DSLR BackpackFeature:

  • Quick access to the main compartment is very convenient and useful
  • EVA foam padding provides great comfort while carrying
  • Exterior tablet/phone pocket provides flexibility
Fits up to 17″ laptopThe bag is heavy for daily use
Adjustable interior dividers and does not compromise in protection
Tripod straps are useful for carrying all the gears
Comfortable to use and drop safe
18. Lowepro Pro Runner RL x450 AW II Camera Case

For professional photographers, it is necessary to carry all the camera equipment. This bag is perfect for carrying all the items. This camera bag can keep lots of gear in order and provide safety to them. This is a trolley bag which helps it to carry in airport or road more conveniently. The main compartment includes MaxFit system of dividers for maximum capacity and security. There are several stashes and pockets for carrying hard drives, cables, phones and so on. There are dedicated spaces for laptops, tablets, phones, cards. The back panel of the bag is of 3D mesh padding which is comfortable while using and breathable.

Lowepro Pro Runner RL x450 AW II Camera CaseFeature:

  • The trolley feature provides great flexibility and comfort
  • Multiple straps helps load balancing the bag perfectly
  • Sturdy urethane wheels provide smooth transport
Safe, Sleek and Modern designThe handle may get unstable and can be hard to use
Storage for 2 DSLRs, 5-6 lenses, 15″ laptop, 10″ tablet, tripod and all other accessories
Fits all the gears perfectly which provides great protection
Easy to handle and perfect for travel
19. Kata KT DL-3N1-22 3-In-1 Sling Backpack

The Kata 3 in 1 bag offers three carrying options in one bag. Changing carrying position of the bag is fast and easy. This bag provides ultimate freedom to the user. The main compartment can hold a DSLR with battery pack and mid-range zoom lens attached, plus 3-4 additional lenses, flash, and personal items. It also has a separate place for keeping a laptop. In sling position, the bag swings from back to front for fast and easy access. The dividers are modular and can be customized according to the individual needs. The top compartment is large and allows to organize personal items efficiently. Two external pockets give quick access to accessories with opening the main compartment.

Kata KT DL-3N1-22 3-In-1 Sling BackpackFeature:

  • The sling feature is great for fast access
  • Quickly converts to different carrying position
  • Adjustable divider for custom fit
Easy to carry and comfortable to useThe shoulder straps are only about an inch, it would be great if they were wider
The main compartment is very spacious and also spacious top compartment
External pockets are useful for keeping important items
The bottom padding is heavy and ensures safety
20. MindShift rotation 180° Panorama Camera Backpack

If you use this camera bag then you will not have to remove the backpack to remove the camera equipment. The rotate 180° Panorama feature allows the backpack allows it to pull around and access all the gears. The integrated belt pack can be worn separately for smaller outings. It can fit in a camera, extra lenses and 10″ tablet. It has several other storages for other accessories. This bag is compact and lightweight. Its top compartment can hold clothes and other personal items perfectly. This bag is a perfect choice for a one-day outing and it has dedicated hydration pocket which can hold up to 2-liter reservoir. Exterior pockets provide quick access to small items.

MindShift rotation 180° Panorama Camera BackpackFeature:

  • The 180° Panorama rotation is a unique feature, which allows great flexibility
  • There are a lot of compartments for carrying useful staffs
  • Hydration reservoir makes it more travel-friendly
3 tripod carrying optionsThe waist pack can tip away which is not expected
Breathable padding allows airflow
Load lifter allows load balancing and comfort
Dedicated water reservoir

Buying Guide For Camera Bags

Which camera bag is suitable for an individual does totally depend on individual needs. For a professional photographer, it is required to carry more than one cameras and many lenses. Where as, travelers need less space for camera, more space for other accessories. So before buying a camera bag buyer should list out what they want from their bag and what is the purpose of the bag. It is always a good decision for the versatile and multi purpose bags, as they can be used for a lot of situations.

If you are a professional photographer then you should buy a bag which can hold all your gears. There’s no point of buying a bag that can’t take all your accessories. Also, the bag should give great protection to all the gears, so that you can depend on it. This kind of bag is also suitable for nature and wild photography because a lot of lenses and gears are required there as well.

And, if you are a travel guy, you should look for a bag which can hold your camera accessories also personal belongings like clothes, laptops, phones, cards, cords, charges etc. Also, the bag should be lightweight, comfortable and durable. This kind of bag is also suitable for any outdoor and adventure photography.

If you are going for a short hike or day trips, then you need a compact bag, also which has a lot of spaces for other gadgets like laptops, tablets, phone, hard drives etc. This kind of bags is also suitable for backcountry and expeditions as extra storages can be used for storing extra batteries and usually, there are other bags for carrying personal items.

Things to consider before buying a good quality camera bags

There are few things to consider while buying a good quality camera bags.

Pouches & Pockets

The camera bags should have a lot of other storages beside the main compartment so that all other necessary equipment can be carried together. Also, the pockets should be safe and protection should be ensured.

Carrying Straps

The carrying straps of the bag should be comfortable and durable. If the bag is large, then it is a necessity to have waist belt for load balancing and extra support.

Quality Materials

It is necessary to see the quality of the materials the bag is made of. Or else the bag will fall apart after few uses and can damage inside gears. Also, the material should endure different weather conditions and ensure they will last a long time.

Comfort and Convenience

There should be good quality padding in the straps and the back. The material should be breathable so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort. The back should be lightweight and convenient while using.

Before going out with the camera for exciting photography. It is necessary to choose the right good quality camera bag. Investing on a great camera bag will make sure your expensive gears are safe and protected. So, while choosing a camera bag one shouldn’t neglect and take the task lightly.

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