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Tape Measure is a necessary measurement tool for DIY projects, construction work, architecture projects, even in basic home improvement. There are a lot of options available and getting the best tape measure is not easy. We will walk you through and help you the perfect measuring tape for your needs.

If you already own a tape measure and willing to upgrade it, then you can also read this article.

Is it important to buy a good tape measure?

Yes, it is very much important to buy a good measure, no matter what’s the purpose of buying it. A good tape measure will give you an accurate measurement, stress-free work and also will require less attention from you.

If you buy a bad or faulty tape measure, it can even ruin your project. No one wants to risk that much for few bucks and for a tool like measuring tape. A tape measure is used even in simple tasks like measuring room size, figuring out if a new furniture will fit your room or not etc.

You can rely on a good tape measure and it also comes with a lot of useful markings. It is your best buddy if you are a DIY people.

Before you buy

If you are going to buy a tape measure you have to consider few things:

  • Accuracy
  • Length
  • Price
  • Features

There are many types of tape measures in terms of sizes, lengths, features, purpose. In this article, we will talk more about the common tape measures.

Quick Overview (Our Top 3): Best Tape Measure

  • Size: 25 Foot
  • Precise and 7ft stand out measurement
  • Top grade rubberized shock-absorbent case
  • Customer Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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  • Size: 16 Foot
  • Digital accurate measurement
  • Poly Carbonate Plastic case
  • Customer Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
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General Tools
  • Size: 16ft Manual and 50ft Laser
  • 2-in-1 Tape Measure
  • Button activated laser button with LCD display
  • Customer Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
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Full details of Top 5 best tape measure is given below.

Kutir Heavy-Duty 25ft Measuring Tape

The Kutir measuring tape is designed for rough use and it is very sturdy. This tape also has two magnets attached to the hook which is an amazing feature and makes it very convenient to work with metals.

The matte blade is 0.15mm thick and it can stand out up to 7ft long without even breaking. This is very useful to work all alone. It has True-zero hook and MID II class which shows how accurate this tape measure is. Two powerful magnets are attached with the hook. This tape does have both Imperial and Metric units.

This tape measure does have shock absorbent rubber case and it is drop tested in the lab. It is very heavy duty and can take any rough use. Also, attached comfortable and strong strap which is very handy for the users.

This is the perfect and must have measuring tape for everyday homeowners, carpenter, metal or wood workers, architects and so on.


Kutir Tape Measure


  • 25ft Long and Sturdy tape
  • 7ft Stand Out with magnetic tips
  • Shock absorbent rubber case
  • Certification from M.I.D for accuracy


  • Little bit heavy as it is designed for rough use

What we like most

We like the top notch quality of this tape measure. It is amazing that this tape measure can stand out up to 7 feet without breaking. Also, the magnets are so powerful that it easily grabs and sticks with metal. Even the wrist strap is strong and durable. You will not need to buy another tape measure ever if you buy this one.

eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

The eTape16 tape measure is a digital measuring tape which makes your measuring hassle-free. It can also calculate centerline.If you are looking for a sturdy and heavy duty wrench set, then this set is for you. These wrenches are made of excellent quality materials.

This digital tape measure can store memory for both short term and long term. Easily can convert between Imperial and Metric units. The digital display gives you precise measurement and makes your life easier.

It has a sleek modern design, while the case is made of polycarbonate plastic. It can take a decent amount of shock. It is also water resistant.

This measuring tape uses a coin battery. Auto shut off feature, turns it off while not in use which saves battery lifetime. The battery can last up to 64 hours on continuous use.


eTape Tape Measure


  • Digital display gives accurate measurement
  • Good locking system
  • Centerline calculation function is useful


  • Replacing battery after few use can be an extra hassle

What we like most

The most appealing feature of this tape measure is the digital display. It even gives the fractions in details which are needed for precise measurement. The display is large and very easy to read which makes the measurement process convenient. People with specific needs will love this tape measure.

General Tools 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure

The General Tape Measure is one of the best tape measure which comes with both functionalities, 50ft Laser Tape and 16ft manual tape measure. The laser functionality lets you measure 10x faster and gives an accurate measurement.

By using this tape measure you can work like traditional tape measure with its 16ft blade. The blade is 3/4 inch wide, has 5ft stand out and easy to read numbers.

It has a dedicated button to activate the laser. The laser can measure up to 50ft and very fast to calculate distance. It is very handy to work with while alone and for long distance measurements.

This tape measure also has a large and clear LCD display which shows the digits. It is very easy to read and helpful for the user. It is Class II product in accuracy. It requires 2 AAA batteries to operate laser and LCD screen.


General Tools Laser Tape Measure


  • Both Laser and Manual measuring functionality
  • Great for long distance and fast measurement
  • LCD screen
  • Works with dedicated useful app


  • Working with the laser is not user-friendly and can be troublesome sometimes.

What we like most

We like the 2-in-1 feature the most. If someone wants they can easily switch between them; in some cases, the manual feature will be more appropriate and in some cases the laser version. Also, if the battery runs out the user can use the manual version and should not have to worry about battery run out issues. This is something any professional will love to have in their toolbox.

Stanley Powerlock 25ft Tape Measure

The Stanley tape measure is cheap but notably good. The chrome high-impact ABS case makes it sturdy. It is 25ft long which makes it suitable for all kinds of measurements.

This tape measures lock system is great and it won’t creep during measurements when it is locked. It is very lightweight which makes it handy and it will easily fit in any pocket. It has 1-inch wide blade which makes it very easy to read.

It has corrosion resistant Tru-Zero hook for accurate measurement on different surfaces and situations. The hook is also adjustable for inside and outside measurements that’s why it gives accurate measurement always. The heat treated spring increases the lifespan of the tape measure.

Overall, this made in USA product is a great product for the price.

Stanley Tape Measure


  • Very cheap and lightweight
  • 25ft long tape and 1inch wide blade
  • Very lightweight and easy to use


  • Not designed for heavy use, so durability is an issue

What we like most

We like the cheap price of this tape measure. At this price getting a decent quality 25ft tape measure is really great. But, you will never feel you have bought a cheap tape measure as it is made of Chrome metal case. This tape measure is very handy for daily use in everyday projects.

Trust 25ft Tape Measure

This Trust measuring tape is unique in design and also comes with magnetic ends. The lock button of this tape is on top, which is very easy to use.

This 25ft long tape measure has a firm blade which is 1 inch wide and can stand out up to 7.5ft. Its blade is 0.14mm thick and is nylon-bonded. The numbers on the blade are easier to read.

It has ergonomic ABS case and non-slip rubber coating for firm grip. The auto locking feature is great to work it and pressing the top button releases the lock.

Trust Measuring Tape


  • Autolock feature makes it easy to work it
  • 25ft blade with 0.14mm thick blade
  • ABS case rubber case with rubber coat
  • Magnetic tips


  • The belt clip is off below expectation

What we like most

The auto-lock feature of this tape is great. Normal tape measures need the lock button to be pushed for locking the blade. But, in the case of this tape measure, it is the opposite. The tape auto locks the blade while using and pressing the button releases the blade. That’s why it is very useful while working alone and need less effort to work with it.

We hope after reading this article you will be able to find the best tape measure for your needs which will be used in your next project. We will love to hear about your projects.

Also, if you have any questions, feedback or tool suggestion do let us know.

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