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In wood projects where it is necessary to join multiple blocks of wood together, biscuit joiner can be the best option. As it cuts through an accurate shape where wooden biscuits fit in and make a strong bond. We’ve already written an article regarding best biscuit joiners. We will discuss the alternatives of biscuit joiner, as biscuit joiners are expensive or buying a new tool is not appropriate in some cases.

Biscuit Joiner Alternative

There are few other methods which are commonly used to join multiple boards. These methods are usually cheaper or can be done with already owned tools or with tools like Drill, that can be used for a lot of purposes.


You will need dowels for this method. Dowels are very cheap and easy to get from any hardware store.

For this method, you will need a drill machine with correct size bit matching your dowel width. The more dowels you use the stronger the bond is.

Dowelling can be done in 3 easy steps

  1. Align boards and put mark where to drill
  2. Drill on both the boards
  3. Put dowels into the holes of a board
  4. Then push and attach the two boards together

See the video below to know more in details:

Pocket holes technique
Pocket Hole JigFor this technique, you will need pocket screws, pocket hole jig, and special drill bit.

These items cost around $20-$50 and they are easy to get.

By following these easy steps you can get a strong joint:

  1. Mark and put the Pocket hole jig and clamp it.
  2. Drill the screw hole
  3. Drive the screw

See the video below to get the full picture of this technique:

Use router to cut biscuit grooves
Router BitsThis method is cost effective if you already own a router. You need to buy a simple kit which includes bits to cut to the shape of biscuits #0, #10 and #20.

This solution has its own pros and cons. If you already own a router then cutting biscuit holes with it cost a few bucks only. It’s very accurate and works in tight corners also. On the other hand, this method is very slow and the groove lengths may not be same if not done properly.

To see the router in action please see the video below:

If you know any biscuit joiner alternative, do comment below and let us know. It is always recommended to buy a biscuit joiner for doing a professional job.

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