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“Power Screwdriver vs Drill” is always a tough decision to make for all the handyman and DIY workers. You can’t really afford to drive screws all day with a heavy and tough tool. Light weight power screwdrivers are designed to make driving easy. They are able to do it by playing with the power of electrical drill. If you have more work to do than just “screw driving” drill works way better than power screwdrivers.

Power Screwdriver vs Drill

The difference in the weight and size of power screw driver and drill is much more than we think. The weight of a powerful drill can move up to 6 pounds. Less powerful drills have low weights. On the other hand, power screwdrivers come with a variety of sizes and weights. They are able to fit in the small rooms of your construction tool bag. And is very handy even if used in one hand.

The costs of power screw driver and drill don’t go well in the comparison section as the lesser expensive power screw drivers cost less than drills and the more expensive power screw drivers cost more than the cheap drills.

The main difference between power screw driver and drill is in the heavy-duty tasks. Power screw drivers don’t go well with heavy duty tasks as compared to the drills. Power screw drivers are not capable of driving screws in any type of hardwood. So, in heavy duty work, drills go better than the electric screw drivers.

The main advantage of drills is that they are way powerful than electric screw drivers. They have high-voltage batteries and can deliver up to 40 to 50 newtons per meters of torque which shows how powerful and technical they can be. They have torque control which means they can drive a screw to the concerned and correct depth. They have a 3-jawed chuck which means they can hold the screw driver or the drill bits better than any other tool.

The main disadvantage of the drills is that they can be much heavier than our expectations. Due to their high voltage battery, they can get extremely large and heavy in size and weight. They can give you a hard luck in turning the chuck. Because of the high resistance, the tool can give a kick back to the user’s arm resulting in a painful strain.

Talking about the advantages of power screw driver, we must know that “being convenient” is the factor which wins the game against drills. They have a high-speed capability which means that the user can finish their task quickly within time with much ease and comfort. They have great efficiency and powerful drill capability which helps you to insert screws accurately in no time. The other advantage of power screw drivers is that they don’t require much effort. Power screw drivers allow the user to do more work in less time and with minimum effort.

The main disadvantage of electric screw drivers is that they are not powerful as drills and thus, they can give you a tough time in drilling large holes. They lack a jawed chuck which means you’re left with a need of purchasing an adapter.

Hence, power screw driver and drills demand to be used in their type of task. If the task is short and less powerful, electric screw drivers will steal the game and when the task requires power or used for multiple purposes, you should go with the high voltage drill.

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