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A tape measure is a flexible ruler that can be used to measure different things. A tape measure is made in such a design that it can be used to measure long lengths easily. I would recommend you to keep a tape measure in your tool kit as it can come in handy at various moments. See our list of best tape measures.

Tape Measure Guide

Follow our guide to doing the best use of tape measure.

When and where is a tape measure used?
A tape measure can be used at various projects. It can be used for measuring the horizontal and vertical lengths of a LED TV, for measuring the horizontal and vertical length of a wall, for measuring the size of a mirror, and many more things. You might sometimes wonder: “How much tall am I?”, and you can simply use a tape measure to measure your height. There are countless other reasons when a tape measure would be required for use.

How to use a tape measure?
A tape measure is pretty simple to use. Let’s discuss how to use a tape measure step-by-step:

  • Place the hook of the tape measure at one end of the object that you want to measure.
  • Start opening the tape measure and while holding the hook at the starting position, take the measuring tape towards the other end of the object.
  • After you have reached the end of the object, take the readings from the ruler.

That’s it, you have measured perfectly. Remember that you might need two people for measuring a big object, for example; a wall. Also, for measuring a bigger object a bigger tape measure would be required.

How long is an average tape measure?
Common tape measures are as small as 12 feet and as long as 100 feet. You should buy a tape measure according to your size requirement.

Are tape measures available in local tool shops?
Yes, tape measures are commonly available to be bought at local tool shops. Tape measures can also be bought online at different websites such as ; Amazon.com.

A few important facts about a measure tape
Make sure that you’re holding the flexible ruler straight and not upside down when you’re measuring an object using a tape measure, as this can cause some minor errors in your measurements. Also, one major thing to be remembered when you’re buying a tape measure is that it should be wide. A wide tape measure is better in quality as compared to a narrow tape measure. A wide tape measure is easy to read and sturdy. A narrow tape measure loses its shape after it is extended a few inches. So, make sure to buy a tape measure of at least 1 inch width.

A measure tape is an inexpensive device that might be required for various tasks. So, I would recommend everyone to add a measuring tape in their tool kit. It can come very handy in day to day tasks.

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