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We all know how to use a tape measure, but do we really know all the details about tape measures? There are many questions surrounding unfathomable marks, red numerals and dots we do not know the meaning of. Let’s know all the details about different tape measure markings.

Tape Measure Markings

  • First of all, there are two sides of the blade in terms of tape measure markings. Metric and Imperial, the former used in countries such as the UK, most countries in Europe and North Africa, and the latter used in the USA as well as the second unofficial system beside the metric system in the UK.
    Metric and Imperial Markings
  • Second of all, did you ever ask yourself the question, why there are Roman numerals in the blade? the Roman numerals refer to the accuracy of the tape measure. There are four levels of tape measure accuracy denoted by Roman numerals, class 1 denoted by I (Roman numeral), second class by II and so on. While there are unclassified tape measures which have not been tested and guaranteed to fit with the measures of accuracy.
    Tape Measure Class
  • Third of all, another thing that most customers raise questions about are the black spots or what so called black diamonds. They are small black circles or sometimes rectangles that appear at equal intervals, mostly 16″ interval. They are used by construction professionals to help them speed up the process of knowing where every thing should go. They are also called stud or joist marks.
    Tape Measure Black Diamond

In fact, there are more things to know about tape measures and we fail to know them, basically because we don’t use them often, and also because we do not see the relevance of asking such questions and seeking answers, such as CE mark, the length, how tape measures adapt to high temperature, and what are they made of and where. In fact, answers to these questions can help us render some home improvement work easier.

If you know any interesting facts or if you have any questions do comment below and let us know. Also, read our article about best measuring tapes.


Photo’s Credit: https://www.thetapestore.co.uk

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