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If your job or domestic chores require you to drive screws into surfaces majority of the time, then buying a power screwdriver will be the best decision. Finding the best screwdriver for your specific needs can be difficult and time-consuming. See our list of best power screwdrivers and take your decision.

Power Screwdriver is also known as Electric Screwdriver.

Why buy a Power Screwdriver?

An Electric screwdriver will allow more control on your job. They also provide more torque which you can adjust to suit the nature of the task. It will need a lot less effort than a hand screwdriver. Power screwdriver will offer you more versatility and efficiency.

Working in DIY projects and small chores will be more comfortable. Power screwdrivers are also designed for easy handling, so it gives you more comfort in all possible way.

Before you buy

When you are going to buy a Power Screwdriver set you have to consider few things:

  • Power
  • Torque & Speed
  • Design
  • Screw Types

Some power screwdriver is made for all purpose use and few are made for professional use. Follow our guide to find them out.

Quick Overview (Our Top 3): Best Power Screwdrivers

  • ✔ Three-position handle
  • ✔ 3.6-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • ✔ Forward and reverse switch for easy screw-driving and screw removal
  • Customer Ratings: 4.5★
Price: $
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  • ✔ Slide action changes bit selection
  • ✔ 4-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • ✔ Includes screw starter drill bit to make pilot holes
  • Customer Ratings: 5★
Price: $
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  • ✔ Motion activated variable speed of 0-430 rpm
  • ✔ 8-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • ✔ Motion activation which allows for driving or reversing fasteners by twisting the tool left or right
  • Customer Ratings: 5★
Price: $$
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Full details of Top 5 best power screwdrivers are given below.

Black Decker 3.6V Power Screwdriver

This electric screwdriver is cheaper in price but does the job very well. It has 3 position handle which makes it suitable for tight spaces.

The Black Decker power screwdriver comes with the charge, one basic Phillips & Slotted bits.

It has a battery power level indicator. It has a 3.6-Volt Lithium Ion battery which can hold charge up to 18months. This is basically a home use electric screwdriver, perfect for small tasks, taking things apart etc. If bought appropriate bits it can make holes in the wall as well but it will drain the battery fast.

The three-position handle lets you work in tight spaces comfortably. It has a spindle lock that allows manual screw-driving and greater control. It has a forward and reverses switch for easy screw-driving and screw removal.

Black Decker Power Screwdriver


  • Three position handle
  • Forward and Backward Switch
  • Spindle lock allows manual screw-driving
  • Lightweight and Easy to handle


  • Only two bits come with it
  • No space for keeping the bits with driver

Our favorite feature

We love the three position handle the most. As it is designed for home use, there may be cases where it is necessary to fit the driver in tight spaces. It will work like charm in those narrow spaces also. This is a recommended power screwdriver for all the home owners.

WORX 4V Semi Automatic Power Screwdriver

This power screwdriver is a great one which comes with 12 bits and self-loading technology. The self-loading feature allows the user to work faster and conveniently.

This Worx power screwdriver comes with: one T10 drill bit, one T20 drill bit, one H3 drill bit, one H4 drill bit, one H5 drill bit, one screw starter drill bit, one P0 drill bit, one P1 drill bit, one P2 drill bit, one SL4 drill bit, one SQ1 drill bit, one SQ2 drill bit, one 4-volt maximum lithium-ion battery, and one battery charger.

This Power Screwdriver’s automatic bit shift activates the bit in the cartridge. Simply open the slide, rotate the cartridge to the desired bit, and shut the slide to activate the bit. It also includes a bit to make pilot holes.

It has 4-volt Lithium Ion battery which is powerful enough to work small tasks like furniture fitting, DIY projects. The battery can hold charge up to 18 months, so you have to worry less about a dead battery.

WORX Power Screwdriver


  • Powerful 4V battery
  • Included 12 bits (Including bit to make pilot hole)
  • Automatic bit shift activates the bit in the cartridge.
  • Small in size and lightweight


  • No speed and torque adjusting feature

Our favorite feature

We love the auto bit loading feature the most. This power screwdriver holds all the bits in two cartridges. The user can easily rotate the bits and upon sliding it loads the desired bit. This feature makes this tool more convenient and allows to work faster with different screws. This is a must have tool for all the people who work with screwdrivers.

DEWALT 8V Gyroscopic Inline Power Screwdriver

This inline power screwdriver feature motion activation. The motion activation feature allows driving or reversing fasteners by twisting the tool left or right with variable speed and reversing control for precise fastening control; motion activated variable speed of 0-430 rpm for fastening into wood, plastic, and light-gauge metal.

This DEWALT power screwdriver comes with the charge and 8V max compact battery. The charger charges the battery in one hour.

Lighted illumination in confined areas allows you to work without shadowing. The Battery State of Charge display on the tool allows end users to know when to charge packs. This screwdriver is great for quick screwdriver bit change and holds 1″ bit tips.

Dewalt Power Screwdriver


  • Slim, Light, Inline and Handy
  • 8V battery with 1-hour charger
  • Motion activation which allows for driving or reversing fasteners by twisting the tool left or right
  • Motion activated variable speed of 0-430 rpm


  • Requires little practice to get used to the motion feature

Our favorite feature

We love the motion activated feature of this power screwdriver the most. This needs a little practice, but after you get used to it you will find it a great feature. It helps to work on any surface, any angle, any screws easily and conveniently. It can be used easily in one hand and works like charm.

DEWALT 12V Professional Power Screwdriver

This electric driver is a heavy duty and high impact professional power screwdriver. It can take a significant amount of workload.

The DEWALT power screwdriver comes with: two lithium-ion battery packs, bag, charger, and belt clip.

This is a standard 1/4-inch kit. The 1/4-inch chuck accepts bits up to 1-inch long. The driver is compact in design and lightweight. It was designed so that it can be carried easily and used conveniently. It has three LEDs mounted radially around the barrel which is helpful to work in shadowed or dark areas.

This screwdriver kit comes with two 12-volt max lithium-ion battery packs, each with 1.1 Ah. The recharge time of these battery packs is between 30 minutes and 1 hour.


DEWALT 12V Power Screwdriver


  • 12-volt max batteries
  • Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • 3 LED Lights provide visibility without shadows
  • Belt hook included for portability


  • Bit holder does not work for all short bits

Our favorite feature

We love the fact that this power screwdriver is heavy duty, but yet it is small in design and lightweight. It is very handy to work with and carry around. The belt clip increases its portability more. Also, the LED lights is very helpful to work in dark places.

Makita 7.2V High Impact Power Screwdriver

The Makita power screwdriver delivers 44 in.lbs. of Max Torque in a compact design. It is designed for professionals and it can take a great amount of workload.

This Makita power screwdriver comes with: two 7.2V Lithium-Ion batteries, battery charger, and tool case.

Makita-Built Motor Engineered for Versatile Power. The two-speed gear selection offers 200 RPM and 650 RPM for low or high-speed applications. The 21 clutch settings offer a range of fastening torque. For extra versatility, the tool will operate in straight or pistol grip positions.

This power screwdriver delivers versatile power combined with a compact design, dual position handle, and precision clutch settings for torque-specific assembly work.

Makita Power Screwdriver


  • Makita-built motor delivers 44 in.lbs. of Max Torque
  • Auto-Stop Clutch: Tool shuts off when clutch disengages for extra fastening control and prevents overdriving the fastener
  • 21 clutch settings and drill mode for added fastening control
  • 2-speed gear selection design


  • More versatile speed control would be useful

Our favorite feature

We love the fact that this tool was designed for professionals and it serves them in all possible ways. It has a high power motor and auto stop clutch, which is very much necessary for professionals. It also comes with two batteries which are also useful to do a lot of work in one go. This power screwdriver is recommended for professionals.

Power screwdriver makes screwing job comfortable and does the job efficiently. After reading our guide we hope you can choose the perfect power screwdriver for your needs.

If you have any feedback, suggestion or any tool review request, please do contact us or comment below.

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