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Wet-Dry Vacuums are also known as Shop Vacuums. These vacuums are designed for heavy duty use and help to clean all kinds of messes. As these machines also clean wet messes, they are usually costlier than the normal ones. We will discuss and show few of the best wet-dry vacuums.

Why buy a Wet-Dry Vacuum?

A wet dry vacuum is great for cleaning dry materials such as dirt, debris, and other allergens. A wet dry vacuum can also clean wet messes like water spills and floods. Despite a wet dry machine has a lot of uses, it is a necessary machine for all the homeowners.

Wet Dry Vacuums performance is greater than normal ones. These vacuums can keep your house, shop or premises clean. No matter how dirty your carpet is or how much area you have to cover, you can always depend on a wet dry vacuum.

What is different in best wet-dry vacuums?

When you are going to buy a Wet Dry Vacuum you have to consider few things:

  • Performance
  • Capacity
  • Mobility
  • Features

We will go through the best wet-dry vacuums and discuss in details about each of them.

Quick Overview (Our Top 3): Best Wet-Dry Vacuums

  • ✔ DC 12V, 4300-4500PA suction and 75db low noise
  • ✔ 3 serviceable attachments and 5m power cord
  • ✔ Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Customer Ratings: 4.5★
Price: $
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Armor All
  • ✔ 2 Peak HP and 2.5 gallon capacity
  • ✔ Includes 6-foot hose and 10-foot cord
  • ✔ Auto shut-off prevents overflow
  • Customer Ratings: 5★
Price: $$
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  • ✔ 5 Peak HP and 12 gallon capacity
  • ✔ Includes 7ft. hose and 12ft. Cord with Cord Wrap
  • ✔ Extra large drain port
  • Customer Ratings: 5★
Price: $$
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Full details of Top 5 best wet-dry vacuums is given below.

HOTOR Portable Handheld Wet Dry Vacuum for Car

This vacuum machine is very lightweight and portable. Designed especially for small space cleaning like the interior of a car.

This HOTOR wet dry vacuum machine comes with: HOTOR Handheld Car Vacuum, Extension Hose, Brush Attachment, Crevice Attachment, 5 meters long Lighter Cable, and a Carrying Case.

This vacuum machine is ultra portable and can be used handheld without any pain. Despite being the mini size it has a very powerful suction (4300-4500PA) and operates in very low noise (75db). It can lift up to 2 mobile phone easily.

It also has a LED light, which is very much useful to work in low light and dark places. It uses HEPA filter and comes with an extra filter. This is the best lightweight wet dry machine one can buy.

Hotor Wet Dry Vacuum


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Designed especially to use in a car
  • LED Light
  • The extra filter helps to work while another one is clogged.


  • Not ideal to use for other purposes

What we think

We love the thing that it is very lightweight and very easy to use. Even old people can use it by holding in hand. Also, it has a powerful suction which is necessary for these kinds of machines. The LED light made this wet dry machine complete. This is a must have machine for all the people who love to take care of their cars.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Machine

This Vacuum machine can handle both wet and dry pickup. Also, it can easily convert to a blower which is great for drying things like desks, motorcycle etc.

This Armor All wet dry vacuum comes with: 10-foot cord with wrap, 6-foot by 1.25-inch hose, reusable cloth filter, reusable foam sleeve, 2-in-1 utility nozzle, crevice tool, deluxe car nozzle, blower nozzle, and a detail brush.

This vacuum machine is also most suitable for car cleaning, but it can be used for other purposes. It is lightweight and portable. It has 2.5-gallon storage tank and 2 horsepower motor. It comes with a 6-foot hose and 10-foot cord which is very necessary to work around and cover a good area.

It can easily convert to a blower and dry wet surfaces. It has auto shutdown feature which turns off the machine if overflowed. It also has a built in air and noise diffuser to work quieter and smoother.

Armor All Wet Dry Vacuums


  • 2.5 Gallon Storage and 2HP motor
  • Auto shut-off prevents overflow
  • Includes 6-foot hose and 10-foot cord
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • Suction is not good enough for all kind of dirts

What we think

This shop vac is more than perfect if used to clean cars. It has long cord and hose which is convenient and a good area can be covered. It can be used for other purposes as well like cleaning dirt of kitchen, old carpet, dirty floors etc. The best part of this vacuum is the blower function. This is a recommended vacuum for the people who are looking for more than a car cleaner.

Vacmaster 12 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

This vacuum machine is a powerful one with the 2-in-1 feature. You can get a powerful 5 peak HP wet/dry vac that converts to a 210 MPH leaf blower with an effortless press of a button.

This Vacmaster vacuum machine comes with: 7 ft. hose, 12 ft. Cord with Cord Wrap, 2 extension wands, car nozzle, crevice tool, 8 in. utility nozzle, blower nozzle, air/noise diffuser, and blower.

This wet dry vacuum machine has a large tank of 12 gallons. The tank has an extra large drain for fast draining. This is a versatile machine which has a very powerful motor of 5HP. It is suitable for all kinds of uses and powerful enough for both dry and wet pickups.

By the press of one button, it immediately converts to a blower. The 210 MPH blower is great for drying surfaces, blowing leafs and so on. It has 12ft cord which is perfect to use it around the room or an area. It is comfortable, easy to use and ergonomic design.

Vacmaster Wet Dry Vacuum


  • Powerful motor, perfect for all purposes
  • One click button converts to powerful blower
  • 12ft cord and great accessories for all kinds of cleanup jobs
  • Large tank with fast drainage


  • Large and Heavyweight makes it less portable

What we think

We think this is the best solution for all the homeowners. It has a very powerful suction which is useful for all the cleanups. It is great for both dry and wet jobs and the 12-gallon tank allows it to work longer without needing to drain it. Also, the blower is also powerful enough and useful to clean the backyard by blowing dead leafs and dirt.

Craftsman 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

This is another good quality shop vac. It is medium sized and has a powerful suction.

This Craftsman wet dry vacuum machine comes with 8pc accessories for all the situations.

This machine has a 3 peak HP motor with 6-gallon polypropylene tank. It is ideal for small to medium clean up jobs. It can easily convert to a blower which is great for the yard, patio or shop.

It has 7ft secure fit hose and 10ft long cord, so it can cover 17ft area easily. It has large dust sealed on/off switch for fast use. The top handle is perfect to carry it and balance.


Craftsman Wet Dry Vacuum Machine


  • 3 peak HP motor and 6-gallon tank
  • Large on/off switch
  • 7ft hose and 10ft cord
  • Quickly converts to a blower


  • Not ideal for heavy duty use

What we think

This wet dry vacuum machine is of medium size, so doesn’t take a lot of space. Also, the performance of this machine is satisfactory for mid level jobs. The blower functionality makes it useful for both indoor and outdoor. This is a good vacuum machine for the people who are willing to use it in medium scale.

WORKSHOP High Power Wet Dry Vacuum Machine

This is the best Wet Dry Vacuum Machine for heavy duty jobs. The large rear wheels improve its mobility in rough terrains.

This WORKSHOP wet dry vacuum machine comes with: 7-foot locking hose, 2-1/2-inch utility nozzle, Car nozzle, Wet nozzle, 2 extension wands, Roll Tight Locking Sleeve, Fine Dust filter, and Dust collection bag

This shop vac is built to tackle large messes. It has unique cart design which makes moving easier. It has most reliable and quality motors. The 14 gallon and 6HP motor are necessary for large messes.

On the cart, there’s a storage bag which is useful to store all the accessories. And the noise diffuser works great and keeps the noise level low.

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum


  • Made for heavy-duty
  • 14-gallon tank and 6 peak hp motor
  • Ergonomically designed cart
  • Quick Lock Filter Fastening System allows quick and easy wet dry vacuum filter changes
  • Auto shut-off float mechanism


  • Price of replacement filters high

What we think

This is the best solution for the people who are looking for a heavy duty wet dry vacuum. No matter the situation is, no matter what kind of the mess is, you can depend on your vacuum machine. It will do the job perfectly. The best thing about this machine is it comes with a lot of useful accessories and makes it handy for all purposes.

For cleanup jobs, people depend on vacuum machines. Having the right machine will make this job easier and will help you have a clean environment. We hope after seeing our best wet-dry vacuums, you will be able to take the right decision.

Let us know if you have any feedback, query or want to know about a particular machine.

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